Main activities

    • Collection and accumulation of national and international oceanographic data about world oceans (information resources)
      Build and maintain arrays of oceanographic data in the State Fund RIHMI-MCD (data sets)
      Develop and disseminate tools for creating and using databases on the marine environment (information technology)
      Serving as the National Oceanographic Data Centre of Russia (international projects and programs)
    • Maintenance of oceanographic data and results of their processing (information products and services)
    • Development of nationwide system for collecting, storing and processing of oceanographic data (GASOI, Sub-10 Program "World Ocean")
    • Courses, conferences in accordance with the programs of IOC of UNESCO and the Russian Federation
    • Publication of monographs in the field of oceanography

    NODC provides the following services:

    • Preparation of information about the data;
    • Calculation of the performance characteristics of the marine environment;
    • Preparation of specialized databases;
    • Analysis of the variability of processes and fields,creation of manuals and guides;
    • Development of specialized information systems.